What our clients are saying about Vinity Soft...


"It’s my pleasure to purchase this software. You’ve put a lot of good thought and work into it, you’re not charging an insane price, you’re very open with data import/export, you’re extremely available for questions and assistance, and it’s not some massive, unchangeable and unwieldy monolith of an app. We don’t need every part known to humans in an existing database, just ways to input/import the data for the parts we use, for example. It fits or exceeds our needs in many ways. Bravo!”

Brant Clabaugh, Corky's Pest Control

"We are an oilfield trucking and service company that was looking for something to track fleet vehicle details, work orders in our shop, inventory, purchase orders, and fuel cards. Being in an industry facing some tough times financially, budget was a concern. We found Vehicle Fleet Manager 4.0 and after a short trial, immediately bought the network version. Over time we have begun to use more and more of the functionality, and have found the program to be user friendly and a great value for the price. We are also very happy with the support provided. We pushed the fuel log pretty hard with lots of entries, and managed to find some bugs, and the support staff always fixed the problem within hours, not days. I would recommend the program if you are looking for something easy to use, comprehensive, and doesn't cost a fortune.”

Chris Cooper, Basin Service Company, Inc.

"Purchased the software after trying a sample for 30 days. The Software has been amazing! I love this software. The ease of use is amazing. I had to have a little bit of customization done to make it be perfect for my environment, the customization was fast and inexpensive and works great. The Customer Support is AMAZING! Always get a fast response (usually within minutes). Even logged in my system once and walked me thru a couple of issues that I was having. HIGHLY RECOMMEND”

Eric Olmi, Arnott Inc.

"Thank you for all your work on this software. I like the software. It's well worth the price. It's pretty easy to manage and print report is excellent. I use another fleet management software at my other Job. I prefer this one from Vinity Soft. Thx!”

Jeffry Barnes, Summit Brick Company

"Fast and easy product to navigate. Great customer service that is quickly available to help and answer questions. This product works the same as others I have seen, but for a fraction of the price.”

Mac Judkins, Cheatham County Sheriff's Office

"I would like to say that I think this is a nicely built database and for a reasonable price. And apparently good support. I have tried a lot of different database software and this was by far the best fit for our business. The rest are either way too expensive to get the features that we need for our fleet size or if they have the features then they want us to keep all our information on their servers.”

Richard Holsbeke, Handrich Trucking

"Great Product! Easy to use. Fast, reliable, multilingual, good support. I use it in Ecuador, South America. It has helped me a lot taking control of expenses. Took me only 1 day of trial to decide to buy it. Great investment. ”

Andres Berrezueta, Chief Equipment - CONSBER C.A.

"I am very grateful for your help. You are awesome! I have done business with many software companies over the last 40 years, and you are one of the best. I feel very lucky to have found you and your great software. Thanks again!”

Paul Libis,

"I downloaded a trial version of this software originally looking for a solution to track our shop inventory. I was immediately impressed not only with inventory tracking but the vehicle maintenance, fuel tank and card system. The software was more dynamic than I thought it would be and after a short trial we purchased the network version. I was also more than impressed with the customer service response to the couple of minor set up questions I had. They got back to me almost immediately with a response and a solution.”

Heather Kononuk, IT/ISO Manager - Chantler Transport Inc.
Medlab Pathology

"Thank you Vincent. We really appreciate your help and speedy responses. We feel like we have made the correct decision in buying and using your software 🙂 From the outset, when I was trialling the demo version, I found it very easy to navigate and intuitive. Interface is nice and clean. I have started "teaching" staff that will be responsible for maintaining information, and so far, their feedback has been very positive.”

Peter Lambros, General Manager Operations - Medlab Pathology
North Somerset Council

"Our Fleet Manager is a “one man band” and as such has to do everything himself. Trying to get our other system working as a non-techie has proved to be a stressful experience almost driving him to distraction. I have an IT background and even I thought his existing system was hopeless and far too labour intensive. I found your system after a long search of the internet and find it an absolute joy to use. For a smallish set up such as ours (approx 100 vehicles) this is the ideal program as, after the initial set up, it virtually runs itself and the reporting system is second to none.”

Simon Purslow, Waste Management Section, Streets & Open Spaces, North Somerset Council

"We have just started using the software to manage our golf club's vehicles - mowers, tractors, buggies etc . If VFM 4.0 is as good as the initial support has been we will be very pleased. From 5000km away the Support Team answered all our questions and then sorted out a networking problem very efficiently.”

IZAAK WALTON GOLF CLUB Iain Simpson, Izaak Walton Golf Club, Staffordshire, England

"I just want to say that I am very impressed with your quick responses to support cases. KUDOS to a great product and great support!”

Karen Matelan, CPA, CFO,
Sanilac County CMH

"Vehicle Fleet Manager 4.0 is excellent software that does everything we need at an exceptional price. Aside from being a great product, support is incredible! Before we even committed to purchase, we had several questions about reports that we needed help with. Even during the software trial, support was extremely fast and courteous. Once we made the purchase we had a small installation issue that was resolved within minutes of contacting support! I would highly recommend this software and this company if the product fits your needs.”

Jim Pyle, Sanilac County CMH

"Just wanted to say thanks for helping me out with all my questions when I was previewing your software. It has been a great deal of help with my fleet so far. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.”

Lucas Abbott, Fleet Manager

"I have found your software to be very useful, as we run a very different form of fleet management, and I was able to customize everything to how I needed it.”

Stefanie Kriedemann,

"I have been overseeing DOT compliance and fleet management for the last year and a half. I began using Vehicle Fleet Manager 3.0 on 8/27/2012 and my job got much easier that day. At Present I manage 201 big trucks, pickups, trailers, back hoes, track hoes, cranes, and much more oilfield related equipment, along with 88 drivers. This equipment and the drivers are spread out over three locations about 600 miles apart. Any time I have had an issue or question the customer service rep has only been an email away. I usually have a response within 10 minutes and the solution within an hour or less. I downloaded Vehicle Fleet Manager 4.0 today and look forward to the coming years with Vinity Soft. This is very comprehensive software for a reasonable price, but more importantly customer service that will not be surpassed at any price.”

Robert D Hibbs, FMCSA safety - Presser Construction
Louis P. Cote

"Just a note of thanks to you & the staff at Vinity Soft for the incredibly fast responses to our questions and requests. Not to mention the fact that this software is great to use. Thanks again.”

Mike Cote, Louis P. Cote, Inc., Manchester, NH
Mount Hermon Assoc. Inc.

"We appreciate the economical and excellent software and service you have provided to us. Thanks for answering our questions and helping us get the software set up on our network.”

Mark Lilley, Mount Hermon Assoc. Inc.

"Our firm owns different types of vehicles; from heavy-duty vehicles to cars, from delivery vans to bicycles - all in all our fleet comprises about 100 vehicles. We used to spend an enormous amount of time just managing the servicing and tracking of all our vehicles. To our great delight, Vehicle Fleet Manager completely addresses all our needs: tracking is much faster and our servicing reports are all complete and up-to-date. The interface is friendly, the reports can be customized, and our staff finds it easy to use. Just a few months after starting to use this program, there’s no chance we would ever return to our old fleet management methods. What’s more, the service response to customer requests is extraordinary. Thanks for helping us save so much effort!”

Michel Poulin, Technologue TI, Immeubles Roussin
Zillges materials

"I searched the internet and downloaded several programs to demo. When I started using Vehicle Fleet Manager and found out how easy it was to use and then factored in the cost, it was a no brainer on which program to buy. Since then I have found things in the program that, if changed, could make life a little easier for me. I sent them an email and within a week they had the update ready. Customer service is excellent - they usually respond within a day, and the program is excellent. Thanks Vehicle Fleet Manager personnel!”

Phil Parnell, Zillges materials

"It’s a vehicle fleet management solution which meets all the essential needs with regard to managing a vehicle fleet. It’s user-friendly and can be customized by any user. The product is priced competitively and is within the budget of any SME. The after-sales service and the helpfulness shown by the software provider are another bonus when choosing this product. We wholeheartedly recommend that companies obtain this product to manage their vehicle fleets.”

Omar GARGOURI, Sindbad de Transport de Marchandises

"Once again, I would like to congratulate you for your software, Vehicle Fleet Manager. We have a construction business and we had been looking for the solutions offered by this software for over three years! Vehicle Fleet Manager is the best tool available for helping us collect data and expenses for a fleet of 194 vehicles and equipment of all kinds.”

Ronald Théodore, Responsable Logistique Tecina S.A, Haiti

"I would like to express my complete satisfaction with your vehicle management software. I was looking for a product to remind me when vital vehicle services were due. I was pleasantly surprised with the flexibility in this software that allowed me to add or subtract services that our vehicle history showed were necessary to minimize breakdowns and reduce vehicle expenses. The most powerful reason for choosing this software is our ability to reduce our monthly repair costs with my favorite report - the vehicle repair report. It shows a complete repair history for a given vehicle. When a repair facility calls me with a list of multiple repairs that they are recommending, two clicks bring up my report. With that information in hand, often the repair facility backs off on some of their recommendations. After doing business with us for a while and realizing the kind of data that we had available because of Vehicle Fleet Manager, they made their recommendations with our best interests in mind rather than their bottom line. This allows us to spend our repair dollars more wisely. The gas mileage report is also helping us save money! Thanks Vinity Soft for a well-written and cost effective program!”

Patrick Brennan, Tri County Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc

"I have found Vehicle Fleet Manager to be a perfect solution for keeping track of vehicle records that could be accessed by everyone in the company. We also needed a way of tracking vehicle maintenance without spending a lot of money and Vehicle Fleet Manager does that perfectly too. Vehicle Fleet Manager has met and exceeded all my expectations.”

David Snowman, PWR

"As a construction company, we have a lot to handle. Not only do we have to keep up with job progress, employees, suppliers, distributors, etc., but we also have to keep up with our vehicle fleet. We now keep up with all of our fleet easily, thanks to this program. We have actually saved a lot of money in fuel costs now that we keep up with how much is consumed and compare it to how much is supposed to be consumed. Less fuel disappears from our tanks now!”

Jason Jackson, Monster Constructors
Sentry Watch

"I have been Fleet Manager in my company for little over 5 years now and have used many different programs to keep up with my fleet. However I must say that after getting your software, I have been very happy with it and do not plan on changing any time soon. I have told other people in my field about your software and how great it is. Thank you for all your help and for a great program.”

Michael Cowles, Sentry Watch

"Absolutely Flexible and Very User Friendly!”

Raymond Mari, Director - ATCOZ Transport Services

"An excellent product for our medium sized fleet!”

Steve Akwera, CEO - Majiste Communications Ltd.

"After 2 years sitting in Africa trying to get a software that works for us, this one is awesome!”

Dries Oberholzer, Owner/MD - In Touch Cargo Namibia (Pty) Ltd