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Fleet Manager Mobile.

For customers who demand the freedom and flexibility to access their data no matter their location, Vinity Soft is pleased to offer its brand new web based application, Fleet Manager Mobile.

We’ve taken the power of Vehicle Fleet Manager 4.0 and made it accessible by any web browser on any device. Android or iOS, Mac or PC – Fleet Manager Mobile puts your company’s fleet data in your hand, on your tablet, or on your computer screen wherever you are, whenever you need it.

Fleet Manager Mobile can run alone, as any other cloud application, but it can also connect to your existing Vehicle Fleet Manager 4.0 installation, so both the web app and desktop app can share the same data. The choice is all yours.

Designed for ease of use with both a keyboard/mouse as well as by touch, Fleet Manager Mobile makes your data available whether you’re behind your desk, in your truck, in the shop, or anywhere else in the country.

Access critical fleet data while walking to a meeting or walking your lot. Make notes in real time, while you inspect or check out a vehicle. Log odometer readings from inside the truck. Track inventory while looking at the shelves in your parts room.

All you need is a web browser – mobile or desktop – and an internet connection.

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View all details, specs and more at a glance. Update the vehicle's status or log a meter reading in seconds.



Store the information you need on mechanics, drivers and other employees. Receive alerts for certifications and other renewals.


Notes & Issue tracking

Operators and mechanics can quickly report issues on vehicles and equipment during inspections.


Service Reminders

Always know when maintenance is due with custom service reminders. Create new reminders or update existing ones.


Service History

See when a certain task was last performed by reviewing the service history. Log all maintenance as it's performed.


Work Orders

Create work orders and keep track of their progression. Convert them to 'completed services' once they are closed.


Fuel Log

Fuel economy stats are automatically calculated based on fuel purchases you've logged, fuel history and MPG trends.


Expiration Reminders

Receive reminders for all the important dates of a vehicle : registration renewals, insurance expirations and other custom reminders.


Security & Permissions

Manage what each user can see by assigning assets. Grant permissions individually to let users add or edit only the assets they need.


Parts Inventory

Keep track of your spare parts inventory and get reminded when parts need to be re-ordered.



Add pictures or your vehicles, drivers and others.



Store and view important documents related to a particular vehicle, driver, service or work order such as insurance records or scanned invoices.


How does the web app keep my data safe?

Vinity Soft understands the importance of the security of our customers’ data. That’s why Fleet Manager Mobile can connect to your existing Vehicle Fleet Manager 4.0 database. This way, no data is stored outside of your company’s servers.


What if I want you to host my database on your server?

This is not a problem. When you sign up for your free trial, a hosted demo database is created on our server and you are automatically connected to it by default. Please read this article if you want us to replace this demo database with your existing database.

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